Making Family Road Trips Safe and Enjoyable

The whole family will be looking forward to the holidays planned ahead. You need to get there safe and sound to enjoy your vacation. If you are driving to your destination taking precautions and planning ahead would make the journey enjoyable as well. How often you will be able to gather your family around. Take this chance to enjoy each other’s company.

Preparing your Automobile for the Journey

The last thing you would want is your family get stranded on the side of the road. You will probably see a few of them on favorite holiday routes every year. The first thing to do is to either get your car serviced properly if it is due or at least get it checked before you leave. Pay special attention to issues you have been having or noticing.

A quick oil and filter change, replacement windscreen wipers, tire, brake and exhaust checks are some of the cheap and essential ones you should have it carried out. Depending on season you should prepare your vehicle accordingly. You would check water coolant for summer and add antifreeze for the winter. You should also check that essential emergency kits are still in the car.

Planning for the Trip

Get a big tourist map out and plan ahead your breaks during the day and any overnight stays. Hopefully you will notice something to look forward to and visit on the way. These opportunities can be great to break the journey nicely and reduce tension. You may need to plan ahead for them. For example you may need to start a little early from home so that you reach to a nice picnic lunch location by noon time.

Ensure that everyone is involved in this planning. People are less likely to complain if they agreed to it and they can be excited to reach to the first location rather than being bored inside. Try to negotiate and find a mutual solution with your main target of making to your final destination in mind.

Preparing for the Journey

It really can be a memorable journey if you can beat boredom and get children excited. But don’t count on finding some games to play all the way. You will wish them to do their own things for a while and leave you alone as well. So, pack enough toys, gadgets, movies and other entertainment for everybody.

Don’t forget the snacks. Meals on the road can be very disappointing and there may be long waits and delays due to accidents. Your little angel can turn into a monster if she/he is hungry and bored.  Pack some of their favorite snacks and have plenty of liquid. They will keep asking for juice.

Have the Safety Talk

Hopefully nothing will happen but you should talk about safety issues on the road with your children. You don’t want them scattering around each time you stop for a break or wander off to the middle of the road in case of an accident. You should explain about the cars in service stations and how they should watch before they move.

Get Your Documents in Order

Prepare the documents you may need on the road. Registration papers, car insurance and roadside recovery plan details are some of the ones to make sure you have. If they are due for renewal deal with them before you start. If your roadside recovery is limited consider extending it to the best package. This may save you a lot of money if something happens.

One of the advantages of taking a car trip is that you can load a lot on them. Generally people load all sorts of useless things but forget few basic items. Concentrate on what you may really need and what is essential. You should mind not to overload the vehicle and close your views. Remember that you can buy most essentials anywhere.

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